We’re thrilled to announce the addition of National Geographic Food magazine into the Mongoose food and media PR fold. Food is an innate part of the culture here at Mongoose with food mecca Borough Market right on our door step. So, to help celebrate we thought it would be apt to round up our favourite places to eat and drink in our neighbourhood.  


Scotch Tails are the best scotch eggs in London - FACT! They are cooked to perfection, with the best runny egg and tastiest sausage meat. Not to mention their sweet potato fries are on the right side of naughty – perfectly crisp on the outside whilst fluffy and rich on the inside.


Whilst we might be a bit biased as Change Please is one of our beloved clients, we guarantee we would still pick up our daily latte from this fabulous coffee cart. Not only do they make a mean cappuccino (really, they are amazing) but the social enterprise’s coffee carts are staffed by the homeless to help the homeless. So you know that every cup you buy could be helping the dispossessed - it’s not only the caffeine that will give you a rush…


Wyndham House Poultry is the Mongoose teams go to lunch spot. Their chicken wrap is THE best thing since sliced bread. Filled to the brim with free range chicken, homemade salsa, sweet chilli sauce, rocket and if you are feeling it, a bit of Sriracha to taste.  It’s simple but one of the best chicken wraps in the market.


Nothing beats a cheese toasty and nobody does it better then Kappacasein in Borough Market. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can get some raclette – a generous helping of melted Ogleshield on a pile of new potatoes, baby gherkins and picked onions.


Their generous samples of Comte could easily send you into a cheese coma. Trust us, it’s happened before. Their aged cheeses come from happy cows that roam free in the open air in the summer and in the winter hang out in the barn and fed on hay.  If you are cheese mad, this stall is a must!


The best mushroom pate we have ever tasted - PERIOD. There is a running joke in the office that we might be the biggest customers of Pate Moi. Also, confession time, we can’t help but sneak a sample almost every time we are out and about in the market.


The fresh handmade Italian pasta and gnocchi make the perfect lunch, especially during the colder months (though we eat it at least twice a month!). One of the mongooses can’t even talk about the Wild Boar Tortelloni without their mouth-watering.


The Wheatsheaf is the teams go to pub for a pint (or three!) after a long day in the office. You can’t beat their beer and wine selection and the courtyard on the side is a truly special experience, especially on a summer night.


Whilst we love the cakes and pastries we have one word that sums up everything we love about Konditor & Cook – brownies….

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