As the dust settles following this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and a certain member of the Mongoose team struggles back to full capacity following too many warm beers much sun, we take a look back at some of the official (and unofficial) partnerships that featured at Worthy Farm this year…

Co-op eco pop-up

The main trending topic at Glastonbury this year – perhaps besides the lack of the traditional downpour – was the massive push on sustainability and looking after planet earth. If an appearance from Sir David Attenborough wasn’t to inspire everyone to green-ness, there were no single-use plastics being sold on-site, with plastic cutlery being phased out and water-filling stations being the focus for festival goers’ hydration needs, there was no way of escaping the festival’s green credentials.

So what a perfect time for Co-op to become the first national grocer to ever appear at the festival in its 48-year history, as the supermarket launched a 6,000 square foot sustainable pop-up to cater to the needs of the hundreds of thousands of festival goers needs. Selling recyclable aluminium cans of spring water, refillable water bottles and food wrapped in compostable packaging – the Co-op was the place to go if you were missing anything.

The news that a record 99.3% of tents were packed up and taken home after the festival shows that Co-op had targeted a captive and engaged audience

EE – official Technology partner

Mobile network EE returned to Worthy Farm for the sixth year and ensured that all festival-goers stayed connected – ensuring everyone else was bored stiff by a never-ending stream of social media content of barely visible artists on distant stages.

But how to know what artists you want to film from a distance and at what time? The useful Glastonbury app (in partnership with EE) allowed users to customise their own personalised line-up, preview tracks, view a map and… drain battery life.

But, help was at hand! As in previous years, the festival’s Official Technology Partner played the part as a continuous power-bank for those attendees draining their phone batteries taking videos. Complete with Wireless and USB C charging stations, the charging tent enabled festival-goers to charge their compatible phones in under 30 minutes.

A new addition to the EE line-up this year, however, was the addition of the state-of-the-art 5G network – making Glastonbury the UK’s first 5G-connected Festival, meaning it was easier to track down/meet up with lost friends (and ensure that those at home wouldn’t miss any of the blurry action).

Alex, Dave and Thiago Silva

Probably the most talked about point after the festival – and the dream scenario for any budding musician out there – when a fan gets picked out of the crowd to perform a song (named after PSG and Brazil centre-back Thiago Silva) on-stage with his idol.

The sceptics amongst us, could see this as a perfectly executed publicity stunt, featuring a very conveniently placed fan, wearing a Thiago Silva PSG shirt, solid knowledge of the lyrics and hands-down confidence to get on the stage.

Whether this was a set-up or not, this episode has done an excellent job in generating buzz around everyone involved.

As previously mentioned, the performance was the talk of the festival. Since then, however, 15-year-old Alex has amassed more than 200k followers on Instagram, appeared on Good Morning Britain and has been offered a modelling contract by Boohoo Man.

Dave’s grime track Thiago Silva, on the other hand – first released way back in 2016 – has re-entered the official charts since the festival, and the performance at Glastonbury has got his name on everyone’s lips.

Fixed or not, this “partnership” has worked wonders for the pair of them.

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