Plenty of coverage in the papers today about Sainsbury’s excellent growth figures in stark contrast to Tesco. Well done Sainsbury’s. However what has caught our eye, sparked debate and annoyance at Generate towers is that this growth is attributed solely to their London 2012 Paralympic Games sponsorship. Really?!

As a specialist sponsorship agency, we have no doubt in the power of sponsorship as an essential tool in a brands marketing locker; but it does not stand alone. And any major changes in business growth or decline cannot be solely attributed as such.

I have no doubt it has played a role but the challenge and question I put to Sainsbury’s and their associated agencies is exactly what role it has played in contributing to business growth? As an industry, it is essential we as sponsorship professionals evaluate and measure exactly what sponsorship delivers to brands.

Less of the large far reaching claims….. more of the well-defined and accurate contributions that a sponsorship has delivered.

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