The micro and small business marketplace represents a large part of our economy and the previous downturn saw a rallying cry from the government for would be business owners.  With many funding options and government backing it's never been more straightforward to get great ideas off the ground.

Entrepreneurialism has exploded and in a new world where connectivity represents global opportunity, it's easy to see why business is seen as a genuine and mainstream passion.

We have more high profile individuals from the world of business, now celebrities in their own right, than ever before. New-world billionaires have emerged and are an inspiration to the next generation who have yet to create the new Facebook or Twitter and aspire to have-a-go, all of which is achievable from their bedrooms.  

Corporates who are backing business platforms, encouraging start-ups and putting themselves at the heart of the conversation, have a great opportunity. Being involved as a partner to business platforms no longer just represents a good business networking opportunity but an opportunity to refresh brands that have the perception of being bland, corporate and safe.

Take the financial sector for example, as the landscape rapidly evolves with new challenger banks, crowdfunding options and other channels to support growing or fledgling businesses, the established players need more than ever to reinforce their position as modern organisations who are relevant and understand the current landscape. No wonder HSBC have recently become a main sponsor of the International Festival for Business, Lloyds with the National Business Awards and NatWest with StartUp Britain.

For these established businesses it's a ‘win win’; showcase exactly how you can help new and growing businesses as they evolve, take a leadership position in an environment which enables you to be a catalyst for growth and a trusted brand, all in an immediately global marketplace.

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