Lance, Lance, Lance....... oh dear. Yet another sport stars name tarnished with negative impact on his raft of sponsors. Woods, Terry, Armstrong, Rooney, Bryant...... the list goes on for sportsmen who have let themselves and commercial partners down.

But sportswomen....? Apart from Marion Jones, not many others global stars jump out at me....... no doubt there are a couple if I did my research, but the fact remains it is disproportionately the men who let sponsors down.

But then again more male global stars have endorsements than women........ would the balance still be in the favour of the men is the numbers took this into consideration??

My viewpoint is no. But the fact remains more male sports stars demand consumer attention than females.

What does this mean? What implications can we take from this? My starter for ten.......

  • Female stars should up their price tag with the reduction in risk of bad behaviour
  • Contracts with male stars need to be water tight for any bad behaviour
  • Can clauses be included whereby athletes have to pay back their sponsorship fee to brands in extreme cases??

In the end, sponsorship will always have an element of risk (as does all marketing activity). It is how this risk is minimised to protect sponsors that must be high on our agendas as sponsorship professionals and advisors to brands.

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