In case you didn’t know, today is one of Mongoose Agency’s favourite days of the year - National Fitness Day! The aim of Active UK’s awareness day is to encourage the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity across the UK. It is also a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles. The team at Mongoose are in complete agreement – anything that creates and encourages people to get active and move more is ok in our book. In fact we are proud to say we have been part of many campaigns aimed at getting the nation off the couch and moving more – most recently Lucozade Sport’s Made to Move sessions, which is part of a bigger campaign to get one million people moving by 2020.

To help celebrate this special occasion, we’ve called on one of our favourite social media influencers and Optimum Nutrition ambassador, Lilly Sabri to give us a fool proof, easy to follow yet challenging 10-minute full body workout.

‘Finding the time to fit in exercise when you have a busy schedule can be very challenging and it’s often when you’re busy that you move your health and fitness to the side lines’ says qualified personal trainer and Optimum Nutrition ambassador Lilly Sabri. ‘This is why I have specially designed a 10 minute Total Body Fat Burning and Toning workout suitable for everyone …’

1. Jumping squats 

This exercise is one of my favourites for total body fat burning and leg and glute (bottom) toning. This is a super simple exercise that can be modified for every ability and can be easily done without entering the gym.

2. Toe Taps

Whoever said you can’t feel an ab burn in 45 seconds hasn’t done toe taps before. Coming from someone who is constantly asked about my core, you can trust me that this exercise GET’S RESULTS!

3. Military Burpees

This is the most horrible, yet rewarding exercise in the bunch. Out of all the fat burning exercises out there, this is my favourite. It’s a common joke amongst those who come to my classes that ‘Lil loves a burpee’. Military burpees differ from regular ones in that you start lying on your chest rather than in plank position – makes it much more challenging!

4. Toe Reaches 

This is another ab exercise that really engages all of the muscles in your stomach. From the outer rectus abdominus (6pack area) to the deeper and even more important core muscles (transversus abdominus) – it will leave you feeling the burn. Note, if your neck starts to hurt, be sure to support the head with one hand. 

 5. Plank Shifts 

The perfect total body toning exercise from deep core activation to shoulder sculpting and toning if done correctly. For the last 10 seconds hold the body weight forward with the chin over the hand- Get ready for a shoulder and core BURN! 

All of the above exercises will follow a HIIT format of 45 seconds on / 15 seconds recovery. All 5 exercises are to be repeated once.

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