It’s an age-old source of debate among athletes, pundits and fans alike. But, after much research, the team at Pledge Sports are providing a definitive answer to a near-impossible question: “What is the fittest sport?”

The Fittest Sport

It’s important to note, by “the fittest sport” we aren’t referring solely to an athlete’s level of general fitness, but rather their all-round ability, fitness and skill their sport requires.

For example, a marathon runner runs 26 miles per event, but a soccer player averages 7 miles per game – including sprints, constant change of direction, tactical awareness, physically battling opposition players, dribbling and kicking a ball. The comparison of skill set is an unfair contest.

In a five-part series of The Fittest Sport, Pledge Sports will take each individual sport and provide in-depth analysis into what makes particular athletes fitter than the rest.

In Part 1, Pledge Sports analysed the fitness of professional soccer players. This week they turn their attention to tennis.


Its clear tennis requires a well-rounded athlete able to be as explosive as a sprinter, yet have adequate staying power to last marathon five-setters.

That’s before we even consider the sublime dose of technical skill and hand-eye coordination required to actually hit the ball in a way which dictates its flight, spin and accuracy.

Few other sports come to mind that demand the athlete possess so many different physical and skill qualities to succeed.

Furthermore, because of its physical demand, tennis has long been heralded as the sport which leads to a longer life. We looked a little closer at the facts to see if that was actually true – you can click here to see the results.

Want to read more about what makes tennis "The Fittest Sport"? Read the full article here

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