This weekend marked the end of British Summer Time as the clocks went back and we reverted to Greenwich Mean Time. Whilst this meant we all got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning (or an extra hour at the bar), it also means it won’t be long until the only daylight seen is from out of the office window.

It can be easy to lose motivation to train during the winter months; however here are our top five tips for keeping fit and staying safe whilst working out in the dark.

1)     Safety first; darker evenings mean that extra preparation is needed when planning for outdoor exercise. By law, on your bike you must have front and rear reflectors, as well as amber reflectors on the pedals. Whilst it’s safe to say that high vis isn’t sexy, it’s easy to go unseen in the dark. Get yourself some kit with reflective strips on or add a reflector to your helmet or backpack. Blaze Laserlight is also a great way to make sure you’re seen on the roads and keep you safe during that commute home.

2)     Alternatively, turbo trainers are a great indoor substitute for cycling for those that aren’t willing to risk cycling in the dark (or brave the weather!) Zwift is an online environment that immerses you and your bike into 3D landscapes with other cyclists around the world whilst offering real-time stats and changes in resistance based on the virtual world terrain.

3)     For those of you nervous about running in the dark alone, get yourself a buddy! Exercising with a colleague, friend, or family member not only brings out your competitive side forcing you to work that little bit harder, but also helps to add a bit of routine - after all you don’t want to be slacking whilst your buddy’s out hitting their targets. If this isn’t an option or you simply hate training alongside your best mate, then there are plenty of free clubs to get involved in. The #NeverStopLondon Community by The North Face offers free twice weekly workouts to prepare you for your outdoors adventures. Whether you join alone or as a group, you’ll be kept on your toes with the varied workouts offered, whilst having the added security of staying safe in the dark!

4)     If the thought of venturing outside on a dark, cold morning simply isn’t appealing to you (you’re lying if you say it is), or if you don’t have the time or money to get a gym membership then fitspo’s your answer. Get following Lilly Sabri - her high intensity workouts will be sure to get you up off the sofa feeling guilty. Bodyweight and high intensity means that these workouts are perfect for the time poor (or those who simply can’t bear missing the GBBO); don’t be fooled though these workouts will definitely leave you aching. With so much fitness at your fingertips through social media, you’re running out of excuses not to keep fit!

5)     Finally, challenge yourself. Enter a competition or race and give yourself an end goal to work towards. This will help keep you motivated through the winter months and crossing the finish line will make all the hard work worth it. If the thought of entering alone is too intimidating or you don’t feel motivated to prepare by yourself, get a team of colleagues to enter- after all, no one wants to return to the office having not crossed the line!

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