The Good:

Round of Appaws to Easyjet

If there is a positive story about dogs, it’s going to be included in this blog, no questions asked. So we start this round up with Joey, the Labrador, who was named EasyJet’s ‘most frequent flying dog’ and inducted into the airline’s ‘furry flight club’ after completing his 35th flight.  Joey is a guide dog for his owner, Jan Gibson, who frequently flies between Luton and Cyprus with her husband Roger. This announcement, complete with some adorable pictures of Joey, his owners and some staff members in front of an EasyJet plane, has been picked up so far by the BBC and trade titles including Travel Weekly, with much more to come I’m sure – who can resist a happy dog story?!. If you were wondering about benefits for Joey, the ‘furry flight club’ will apparently reward EasyJet’s most loyal doggy passengers with treats. Woof.

Fast food just became Fast and Easy Food

Everybody stay calm… it’s happening, it is actually happening - McDonalds, the world’s most famous fast food chain, has announced that it will be launching a home delivery service in the UK in June. No more queuing, no more drive-thru and no more having to leave your house when you’re horrendously hungover on the weekend. Now, that Sausage and Egg McMuffin or Big Mac you crave will be brought straight to your door – voila! The brand has also announced, that it will be offering fixed-hour contracts to all UK staff, including its 115,000 staff that are currently on zero-hour contracts. Although let’s be honest, we care more about the nuggets arriving at our house... A quick Google search of ‘McDonald’s’ will show you plenty of positive coverage on the likes of The Guardian, BBC and Sky News. ‘Ba da ba ba ba, we’re loving it’ (sorry!)

The Bad:

Another thumping headache for United

After the ‘dragging a doctor off the plane’ debacle, senior management at United Airlines must have thought the worst had happened and the bad press was behind them so they can start rebuilding their reputation. Sadly, the death of a 10 month old, 3ft continental rabbit provided another opportunity for the press to pile the pressure back on. Simon, the son of the world’s biggest rabbit, Darius (4ft 4ins), was bought by a mystery celebrity in the US who had paid United the eye-watering amount of £2,000 to have him flown to the states, only for Simon to sadly die in the plane’s cargo. United told the breeder, Annette Edwards, that Simon survived the flight, but died when being held in a storage room at the O’Hare International Airport. Some are calling the circumstances “strange” and “mysterious” and, of course, fingers are being pointed at United. Another black mark on their books.

No Smoke without Fyre

A festival created by 90’s/noughties singer/songwriter, Ja Rule, hosted on a remote island formerly owned by drug lord, Pablo Escobar, in The Bahamas, with the who’s who of celebrities scheduled to attend… what’s the worst that could happen? Well how about this for starters: broken sewage system, luggage dumped on the beach, half built tents, no performers and guests being stranded on the island… The festival, invented by Ja Rule and business partner Billy McFarland to rival Coachella and make them legends in the festival game, has instead ended up with three law-suits being filed against them and thousands of refunds heading back to ticket buyers –an utter disaster, all over the news and a laughing stock in the festival world. Some may feel sorry for the festival goers, but in my opinion if you willingly give up to $250,000 (most expensive ticket price) to Ja Rule, you deserve everything you get. P.S., If you want a good giggle, Vice has done a great article around the leaked pitch deck for Fyre.

The Really Really Ugly:

Bos-tonne of trouble

Someone from the marketing team at adidas got fired, and got fired hard after arguably one of the ugliest mess-ups we have seen for quite a while. 30,000 Boston Marathon runners, who successfully completed the 26.2 miles, received an email from the race sponsor afterwards congratulating them for ‘surviving the Boston Marathon’. The wording was slammed in pretty much every publication, all over the internet and across all social platforms, with recipients deeming it 'too soon' after the attack on the 2013 Boston Marathon, in which three people were killed and more than 250 injured after two bombs were detonated close to the finish line. Of all the words the German sportswear giant could have used and they settled for this, not a good look at all.

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