You are never too old to learn something new, but as we grow up and leave the academic world the opportunities for development seem to decrease significantly.

However, in the realm of marketing and PR, particularly from a digital perspective, the landscape is constantly evolving, therefore the importance of continual learning is critical to success. In the last five years alone social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way we communicate with audiences and new technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, promise to shape a whole new future.

In this vein we have compiled a shortlist of three compelling TED Talks that delve into the world of marketing and try to teach us something new…

1.      In this brilliant talk by Simon Sinek, the world famous marketer boils down the complex world of brand messaging into three simple circles, unlocking the mysteries behind Apple’s success.

2.      Rory Sutherland makes you think twice, quite literally, as he challenges your perspective of branding and explores how re-addressing or even reversing the core message can have a more powerful impact than straight talking.

3.      Learn the importance of being remarkable from Seth Godin as he discusses how the mass market approach no-longer stands in a society bombarded with choice, but brands of all sizes need to target the niche market of early adopters to stand out.


Read more marketing TED Talks here - https://www.ted.com/topics/marketing


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