Only Fools and CatiCross Courses 

April 1st always draws out people’s and brand’s playful sides with April Fool’s Day, and this year was no exception in the PR world. Many tried to catch the nation’s attention with thinly vailed attempts at headlines whilst others knocked it out the park. Known as the day for celebrating practical jokes and spreading outlandish hoax stories, the day has not disappointed with plenty of imaginative tales.


Athleisure brand Tala released their Night Flex collection, asking their fans to ‘dare to bare in our most disruptive collection yet’. Featuring cut outs in key locations of their signature leggings and tops, the founder Grace Beverly hosted a very serious Q&A addressing the need for the collection and celebrating baring it all. Taking a whole new dimension to ‘squat proof’ leggings.


Stepping on to more chartered territory with Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency for Great Britain, who announced the use of eco-friendly paint marking contour lines on the terrain to mark the height of the ground in the area. With many already angry at the introduction of groomed trails on popular walking routes like Ben Nevis, and Scarfell Pike, we can only imagine the outcry. Whilst we firmly encourage as many people to enjoy the outdoors as possible, we recommend sticking to more analogue approaches to analysing your elevation gain.


The cycling fans amongst us will be pleased to hear that the ever-present fun sized Haribo will remain in all order deliveries from Wiggle, despite their announcement to the contrary on Friday. On Twitter, the retailer posted a statement saying that “Occasionally it is missed from orders in error which causes understandable disappointment so we've decided to discontinue this freebie altogether.”


The last few years have seen an undeniable rise in trail running across Europe, but what’s to say you can’t also enjoy this with your pets. Most trail races offer a CaniCross entry, but Let’s Do This opened up the floodgates with their CatiCross offering, ensuring all the crazy cat people amongst us could join in on the joy. They were quick to point out their obvious shortcomings , but went on to add that “the physiology of cats is extremely well-suited to cross country running. What they lack in waking hours, cats make up for in Zoomie-certified cardiovascular vigour, long tails, leg whiskers, jumping prowess and a surprising number of toes–making that 5k PB an inevitability”. We’re not sure we’ll be seeing this is the UTMB circuit any time soon.


To round things up, we couldn’t talk about getting outside without the wonderful efforts of parkrun. Most of us have experience the delight of a 9am park circuit or two with strangers and friends alike, but what if you could bottle that feeling? Look no further than PSH. Paul Sinton-Hewit, the Limited edition scent of Saturday mornings. Strong, open field nuances mixed with a crisp mud and coffee aroma to create a scent that will keep you parkrun fresh all day. There’s nothing like it.


Whether Timpson’s unlocked the key to April Fools, or you were mourning the movement of the Mound up North, it serves as a great reminder that humour and silliness are often the answer to the start of great campaigns.

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