This week’s #wemakeevents campaign has really provided a moment of reflection for our industry…

I write this exactly 231 days on from my last live event and without any idea when the next one will be. That very thought only really dawned on me this week and it certainly took the wind out of my sails. 

We have been watching and supporting the #wemakeevents campaign over the past couple of weeks and it has only reminded us of how much we are all missing the heartbeat of our industry. 

The fans in sports stadiums, concerts filled with people and music on stage, really put the life blood into the sport and entertainment industry and the cheer and the celebration into our work. 

Whilst putting a bump in the road, the challenge of solely activating clients campaigns online has given us an opportunity to think creatively, creating a whole host of alternative solutions for clients and fans. In some cases, far more suitable and cost-effective solutions but I personally desperately miss the face-to-face.  We WILL all come out the other side and we WILL be better problem solvers for this but let’s make it sooner rather than later.

We all came to work in the industry because we are ultimately its biggest fans, we love the buzz of a live sports match, dancing at a festival, being a part of a big exhibition, going to the theatre or even just watching a game with our friends in the pub.

We are its biggest fans and its time we heard the cheers again #wemakeevents

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