After three years of success at Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, this year The North Face took their Mountain Festival to the next step. Choosing a base camp at the heart of the Dolomites, 1,000 avid explorers took up camp in the sublime natural setting.

The first day gave the adventurers their first taste of the Mountains, rock climbing alongside legendary outdoor athletes like Conrad Anker and Siebe Vanhee. The following days saw adventurers and athletes alike trying their hand at wild cooking, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking and glacier walking to name a few. The evenings were occupied with exclusive videos and talks from some of the renowned athletes of the brand, leaving their audiences inspired to push the boundaries of their own exploration. 

This year the whole expedition culminated in the epic hike to the Pinnacle Project set at 2100m in the heart of the Dolomites. Located in Val San Nicolò, in the Italian Alps, the pop up is reachable only on foot, as a two-hour hike awaits those who want to see the iconic collectors’ pieces showcase. Trying to imagine stumbling upon this bright red Bivouac once we came down from the mountain is something else. Showcased inside was 8 collectors’ items including Tamara Lunger’s Summit Series L6 Jacket and David Göttler’s Base Camp Duffel he used to attempt the summit of “Killer Mountain” Nanga Parbat. All of the exclusive items were restored and labelled with a personal message from each athlete and auctioned off with the proceeds given back to the mountains alongside the bivouac.

The iconic pop-up is just phase one of the pinnacle project which will be continued in Berlin and Manchester where urban explorers can experience the ultimate festival of fashion and pop-culture. 

You can get more info on the Pinnacle Project at www.thenorthface.com/pinnacle-project

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