Man jumps from the edge of space. Sounds like science fiction right?

Not science fiction, just another Red Bull-sponsored event that has gained global coverage.

Red Bull has established its credibility firmly in the extreme events space and has totally removed itself from the ‘clubbers drink of choice’ which it held 10 years ago.

The Red Bull Stratos project is arguably one of the strongest brand-experience mechanics of all time. Broadcast on over 40 networks across 50 countries with over 3 million live Tweets and over 8 million concurrent views on Youtube, this was a very risky stunt that could have gone very wrong. But it didn’t. It was executed perfectly. Even the launch delay (sending Felix Baumgartner in his balloon up to the Stratosphere) added to the tension and ultimately to the success of the project.

Red Bull can be safe in the knowledge that they are one of the bravest global brands; investing in ground-breaking and inspiring event activity that seemingly has no bounds.

Perhaps Red Bull does give you wings after all….

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