Digital has undoubtedly changed the way we all do business. Whilst some of the language (content creation & content distribution) and tools (a plethora of new channels) might have changed the objectives (how do I sell more) and solutions (make people aware, positively disposed, consider and then purchase) are still the same.

The emperor has had shiny new clothes for a while now and it seems like all that glitters might not be the only future of precious metals. 5 years ago advertising was dead because people weren’t watching TV the same way anymore. Traditional advertising wasn’t working as brands moved to Google and Facebook. In 2014/15 Google and Facebook launched substantial … TV adverts.  Interesting to see the number of agencies now removing the word digital from their job titles. Don’t get me wrong, the digital world is disruptive, exciting and here to stay – it is the future. It’s just  that the always on, internet of things might not be the entire universe after all. It is however probably the centre of it and a lot around it.

Data has been the new new big thing for a while now – we are producing and able to utilise so much of it because of the digital revolution. It’s also  the reason why digital is so wonderfully targeted and precise. But that’s part of the problem – in order to sell more, sometimes you’ve got to speak to some new people (audiences) you don’t know (hence the Google & Facebook TV advertising). Data also needs meaningful content and engagement.

Long live Sponsorship, partnership or content acquisition and distribution.


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