So far it seems Sunday is becoming a bit of a horror day for me, preparing for my arrival at Generate Monday morning. This week it was a Sunday night two hour sickness bug from 12 till 2am draining me of all energy. So much so I found myself catnapping in front of computer screen regularly throughout Monday. The waking up from these naps gave me a very similar feeling to when you do it at the wheel (not recommended) leaving me with a racing heart and left  wondering if anyone saw I was asleep!

This week I got involved with coming up with a strap line for our EBay Motors campaign. Now to me a strap line has a totally different meaning to what we were trying to achieve. A smelly jockstrap is miles away from an attention grabbing and meaningful phrase to base a campaign around. Never the less I enjoyed the process of breaking down the key elements and letting them lead us to our “strap line”. I was quite proud at the fact that my line has made it through auditions and is well on the way to spending time in the judges house, who knows it could make it all the way to the final header of the campaign!

This week has also seen me getting out and about the office t, meeting a couple of the clients. When I sit and think about the future I feel that this process of getting away from the desk will have to be part of a job I go into if I am to be in an office environment. I have always been a huge sport enthusiast so to be getting the opportunity to go and speak to people from different sports industries is really important to me. This week I managed to meet people from The Jockey Club, Worcester Warriors Rugby and Sport England .

Food is another love so I couldn’t go this week without talking about it. Highlight has been the trip around Borough markets trying to fill up on as many samples of different olive oils, chutneys, cured hams and cheese as possible.  My purchase of a pie with additional mash and gravy tasted amazing. Lowlight has been the shortage of pea and ham soup in our usual lunch destination of Tesco’s. I am putting this directly down to its mention in last week s blog and therefore am looking forward to the cheque arriving in the post for the increase in profits as a result. It’s also obvious we are nearing the end of the month and the bank balance before payday may be desperately low. This was highlighted with the comment of “I am bleeding money” and subsequent purchase of a box of Shreddies to fulfil that person’s lunch needs for the week. All I can say is they have been very regular this week and I have monitored their toilet trips and avoided following in at all costs!

Research has also played a big part in my week and it’s becoming obvious the role it plays in all aspects of work. Preparation is a big part of my cricket career and it is no different here in the office for these professionals. One example of critical research is I had to research male swimmers and the result was image after image of them in their budgie smugglers!  Not one  I want to repeat in a hurry!


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