It’s National Fitness Day! Today is the day we make no excuses to grab a buddy or two and join the rest of the country in a fantastic campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and lead healthier, happier lives! Yay!... 

Individuals across the country have been taking part in a huge range of activities from plank-offs to treadmill challenges. As a sports & entertainment agency, obviously our team has been getting involved, so I am keen to find out who’s been pulling on their trainers or rolling out their yoga mat today... 

The one who’s going from couch to 21k's 

Jack McLean will be embarking on his greatest fitness challenge ever. Often told that he has ‘the build’ of a long distance runner, Jack finally decided to sign up to his first long distance event – The British Heart Foundation Half Marathon at Blenheim Palace this weekend. His goal for the event is “just to get around the course!” He’s been training since July, incorporating a mix of long runs on the weekends and squeezing in shorter runs during the week. With 11 miles up his sleeve, he has not experienced any niggles or injuries so far (touch wood!) Is this the start of Jack’s running journey? Jack has happily reached his fundraising target however you can still support him by donating here

The fitness class aficionado 

One of the best things about London’s fitness scene is that we are spoilt with so many different fitness classes. This is one of the reasons why Harriet Cooper, the agency’s ultimate gym-class junkie, moved to London. Normally you can find her at Barry’s, Unit, or taking part in a Spartan challenge. On National Fitness Day she is heading to her favourite spin class in London – Digme Fitness. How does she manage to take part in so many classes? The takeover of Classpass on the London fitness scene has provided more accessibility for fitness fanatics like Harriet. She says; “With so many different types of classes out there, it’s great to be able to treat gyms in the city a little like a pick and mix. I can pick almost any type of exercise and try it out whenever I want. I’ve tried hot yoga, dancing spin classes and hard-core treadmill classes but I always circle back to my favourite.” 

The one who doesn’t miss a session

If you ever need advice on how to dedicate yourself to a fitness routine, Amelie Hawkins will be more than happy to share her very organised workout schedule with you. Her PT on Monday’s sets a positive start to her workout week. Continuing the momentum on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, she’s at the gym at 7:30am, followed by a long run on the weekend. What about Wednesday? Well… Wednesday is normally Amelie’s rest day - the day her PT recommends she takes off to enable proper recovery. However, seeing that it is National Fitness Day, she will do her part with a 10 minute intense abs workout by our friend Lilly Sabri, Optimum Nutrition’s ambassador. 

The active commuter  

Jo Pockett is the agency’s cycling expert, dedicated to cycling to work and promoting the agency’s Cycle to Work. However, recently she has been swapping the bike for the trainers and building up her running again after a knee injury stopped her in her tracks. She ran home last night and again took the scenic route this morning, walking from King’s Cross to our offices in Barbican. It only took 25 minutes! This just goes to show that using your trainers instead of the train can increase your daily activity and won’t make that much difference to your commute.  

Well done to those who took part in National Fitness Day. Stay tuned for new and exciting fitness brands we are working with and how you can take part in their active campaigns.  

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