Why social media influencers are good for brands

In today’s digital world, social media influencers are being added to marketing strategies to boost online presence, gain rapport with consumers and engage target audiences in an authentic way. Posting videos and pictures with your brand’s products being used can generate thousands of impressions and encourage potential customers to engage with your brand instantly. Here are some of our favourite social media influencers in the fitness space and why they connect with some of the brands we work with: 

Emily Skye

emily skye.png

Social media sensation, Emily Skye has more than 3 million followers on her social channels. She joined Lucozade Sport as an ambassador for its ‘Made to Move’ campaign which aims to get one million people moving more by 2020. Her live Made to Move Session workout was streamed live on the Lucozade Sport Facebook page and was watch by 500,000 people. Her content is incredibly interactive and genuine which commands high levels of engagement with her followers. Girls relate to her realistic approach to fitness and eating well and the boys… well they love her too… (I wonder why?) 

Shaun Stafford 

Shaun Stafford.png

The fitness movement is flooding our social media feeds with endless selfies, muscle building poses, workouts and exotic clean-eating dishes. Optimum Nutrition has got it right with their very own team of ON athletes including two-time WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion Shaun Stafford leading the way. In his social channels, Shaun shows us what it takes to look aesthetically fit with hard-core gym workouts and nutrition and he is completely on-board and immersed with the Optimum Nutrition brand.   

Twice the Health

Twice the health.png

You might know the Twice for Health girls for their matching athleisure outfits and partner workouts, Emily and Hannah are popular with both big and boutique brands for their quirky posts and making all things fitness look fun when it’s done in unison as a duo. Their fitness was recently challenged at the Technogym Skillmill launch event last year. If these fitness fanatics are flaunting it, it must be good! 

Trusted and reputable influencers are having an impactful effect in exposing brands to wider audiences. Social media influencers with a vast following who relate to your target demographic and have the power to encourage their extensive networks to follow your brand can be a powerful marketing resource. Pin down the right social media influencer who speaks your brand and you have your audience.  

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