Mongoose takes the heat for Lucozade Sport

With no FIFA World Cup 2014 sponsorship rights, the challenge for Lucozade Sport was to lead the conversation on the impact of the playing conditions in Brazil and specifically on fuelling and hydration. We needed to create a relevant experiential event with science at the heart, bringing to life the claim that Lucozade Sport ‘Enhances Hydration, Fuels Performance’. 

The Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone was a bespoke, state-of-the-art immersive experience offering grassroots footballers the chance of playing five-a-side football in the same conditions as England’s opening World Cup game in Manaus, Brazil (average conditions: 32°C and 76% humidity).

The conversations began in January and we were the first brand to speak to the media about the World Cup.  We focussed our PR efforts on the build up to the opening game and the three weeks of the group stages. The peak of the activity would need to happen just before the Manaus game as England faced the hottest climate in Brazil. As Roy Hodgson said in one of his press conferences: “England’s biggest competitor is not Messi, it’s Manaus”.  

We built an interactive infographic to lay the scientific foundations of the campaign securing an exclusive double page spread in the Metro. This was followed by the official launch announcement across sports trade and national media - the first time the Conditions Zone was seen by the public. We placed an exclusive interview with Lucozade Ambassador Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in The Daily Telegraph and an exclusive preview of “The Heat” TV advert, featuring the then England captain, Steven Gerrard, which gained national media exposure.

The launch day of the Conditions Zone was key to ensuring blanket national coverage and strong messaging. Alan Shearer and Steve McManaman became our expert spokespeople and could talk about their personal experiences of playing in challenging conditions. The science messaging was landed by renowned sports science expert Professor John Brewer with a wealth of statistics around hydration and fuelling in different playing conditions. 

Over 30 national and broadcast media attended the launch day and we gained widespread coverage over the following week.  To maintain momentum beyond launch day, we hosted a series of media matches which enabled publications to really get into the science and create more in-depth features around the Conditions Zone. 

As we approached the end of the group games and it became clear that England was not going to make it through to the next stage, we decided to move the conversation onto the Qatar 2022 debate to maintain consumer interest and remain relevant. The Qatar debate gave us another hook to talk to media, we ramped the heat up to replicate the even more extreme conditions football players might have to face over there to further push the science messaging. Media were also invited to feel the Qatar climate, resulting in another wave of national coverage. 

We created opportunities for consumers and for a local charity, Active Communities London, who were among the first players in the Conditions Zone and who received all the kit used once it was finished.

By the end of our project, Mongoose had secured coverage on BBC Breakfast, ITV London, ITN News, Good Morning Britain, Sky Sports News and across nearly all major national newspapers.

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