Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard PT Awards

Our client Optimum Nutrition, the world’s best selling whey protein, wanted to develop a programme that allowed them to engage with their key influencer community. 

The fitness industry lacked the ‘celebration’ and acknowledgement for the exciting work from fitness professionals from all over the country. Mongoose identified this as an opportunity to create a programme to reward personal trainers, group fitness instructors, teams and nutritionists within the industry alongside a credible and quality brand.  So we created and launched the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Personal Trainer Awards – the first digital national fitness awards in the industry. 

In order to be successful it needed; a credible awards criteria, experienced and knowledgeable judges, an easy registration process and the backing of high profile fitness industry leaders. Mongoose created from scratch every element of the project, working with key industry professionals to ensure a premium product that represented Optimum Nutrition and its audience.

The Awards were promoted through targeted, fitness media to reach and appeal to the core community of fitness professionals to register for the Awards. We also developed complementary video content of the judges to seed out across social media through the Optimum Nutrition channels. 

The winners of each category were profiled in the fitness and trade media, and had the opportunity to take part in a photoshoot and filming session to demonstrate the work they do. This content was then used to support the campaign on social media channels. 

The number of registrations from the Awards exceeded the client’s expectations with a huge 350 registrations. We also achieved more than 20 pieces of coverage promoting the awards and profiling the winners across a variety of titles. The programme was a huge success and allowed Optimum Nutrition the opportunity to engage with their core community and give back to the industry. Our winners are now brand ambassadors and many of the entrants have become a part of ON’s loyal influencer programme, year 2 is looking to be bigger and better!

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