4 things I have learnt about Marketing & PR at Mongoose

I’m Millie, a marketing student, going into my final year of University at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. After returning from my year abroad in Madrid, I was lucky enough to come straight down to London to intern at Mongoose. From the hottest day on record in the UK to business photoshoots and office summer parties, my time here has definitely not been boring. Here are 4 key things I have learned in my 4 weeks as a ‘Goose. 

1. I have learnt that University marketing is just the beginning

To date, much of my Uni career has consisted of sitting through hours long marketing lectures learning about a web theories and systems, not the most exciting I’ll admit. While these theories are no doubt the foundation of marketing how to use them in the real-world is something that is not as easily taught; this is where I think agency life has been so valuable. Mongoose has been an incredible place to experience so many real-life projects and allowed me to apply the theory I have learnt in practice. The diverse types of work Mongoose do day-in, day-out is what has made it such a cool place to learn, which leads me onto my next point. 


2. I have learnt that every day is different...and never dull

Sport and entertainment marketing cover all sorts of brands, projects and events which guarantees every day is different from the last. As Mongoose encompasses an end-to-end marketing strategy, specialising in an industry as opposed to a skill set there really is never a dull moment. Whether they’re developing big deals in the London office, manning a music festival in Scotland or away in Madrid for the Pride parade it’s been inspiring to see the team so busy in their different roles.

To give just a taste of what my working weeks have looked like, this week I created social media posts for Echelon Fit and Fountain Hard Seltzer, collaborated with influencers for a Football Fives launch event and travelled to a photoshoot with Unicorn Darts. 

This variety is what has made agency life so rewarding; it’s easy to stay motivated, never growing tired of tasks, constantly learning, and always experiencing new things. If you love operating in an exciting fast-paced environment Mongoose is the place to be.


3. I have learnt the power of working in a team 

Without sounding too soppy I think Mongoose have something to be very proud of when it comes to the people working here. While each member is an expert in their own field it is the collaborative effort of the entire team that makes the company so accomplished. 

Whatever the question there is always someone in the team that has the answer. Seeing the powerful and creative problem-solving that takes place in the Mongoose office when the team put their heads together proves that many brains are better than one. 


4. I have learnt A LOT about a little of everything

Overall, my time at Mongoose has taught me to be a sponge. Sitting in on the team’s ‘brainstorm’ meetings has been a real highlight and is my favourite time to soak up as much information as possible. These meetings are usually called as a way of generating innovative ideas for a new client or project and result in a whirlwind of visions, later to be turned into successful business adventures.  

From the commercial side to communications and creativity, Mongoose have given me the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with industry leading experts in these different areas. As someone who continues to explore which area of marketing they want to go into, having a taste of a little of everything has been invaluable and I can’t thank the team enough for everything they have taught me.

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