Bupa x Mongoose Podcast Partnership: The Doctor Will Hear You Now

Mongoose is helping Bupa Healthcare reach new audiences with the launch of a podcast series with ITV’s Dr Zoe Williams called – The Doctor Will Hear You Now. 

Dr Zoe, ITV’s This Morning’s resident doctor, is a practicing GP and has been the host of Bupa’s content series Inside Health for over three years now. 

This has been an exciting project to work on as an agency, curating and developing a series of 10 episodes each tackling a different health issue, alongside Dr Zoe’s team at Insanity Management and the Bupa team. Mongoose created the sponsorship opportunity and facilitated the partnership - supporting talent and clinician briefing, marketing and logistics.

When the opportunity to create a podcast partnership came up, we saw Dr Zoe as a natural fit, with the existing work we were already executing with Bupa for its Inside Health consumer video series. The podcast allowed us to reach fresh audiences, as well as trial topics, demonstrate the expertise offered by our clinicians and tell important stories.

Dr Zoe’s passion is for empowering individuals to take charge of their health and be aware of the signs and symptoms which may save your life. This led to the podcast series being created, combining important topics with celebrities who have either been directly affected by the issue or a family member.

Among the stories told, we have explored menopause with Lisa Snowdon, dementia with Michelle Ackerley and maternal mental health with Anna Mathur.

We also have 4 more episodes with guests including Dr Alex George, Emmanuel Sonubi, and Christine McGuiness to come which you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

A full rundown of published episodes

Menopause with Lisa Snowdon 

o Lisa joins Dr Zoe to talk about her menopause journey after going through this in her early 40s, including the good and bad advice she received from friends, doctors and online. They were also joined by Dr Sam Wild, Bupa’s Clinical Director, who gave her clinical advice.

Dementia with Michelle Ackerley 

o Michelle's grandmother suffered from dementia when she was a young adult. Michelle talks with Dr Zoe and Bupa’s clinician Fran Vandelli about the effects that it had not just on her but also on her family. She also discusses how to deal with the disease and advice she would give to those currently going through it. 

Endometriosis with Adelle Tracey

o Endometriosis is as common as asthma, and yet an incredibly huge number of people haven't heard of the condition. Dr Zoe is joined by TV broadcaster Michelle Ackerley to hear about her journey to diagnosis and beyond. The pair are joined by Sam Wild who also took part in the menopause episode to share her own lived experiences on this topic. 

Bowel Cancer with Charlene White 

o Bowel cancer is the second biggest killer in the UK and a disease of which Charlene has personal experience, having lost her mother to it before she was 50 years old. 

Maternal Mental Health with Anna Mathur 

o Zoe takes on the topic of mental health, specifically through the lens of being a mother. In this episode, Anna Mathur, author and psychotherapist, sets aside her expertise to speak about her own authentic experience of her mental health. Zoe and Anna are joined by Dr Petra Simic, Medical Director for Bupa Health Clinics who brings a medical perspective to the conversation. 

Crohn’s Disease with Carrie Grant

o Dr Zoe sits down with the name behind some of the most recognisable vocal talents in the UK for a conversation about Crohn's Disease. Joining Dr Zoe to discuss her journey to diagnosis (as she approaches 40 years with the disease no less!) is Carrie Grant. Then, the pair are joined by Dr Devinder Bansi to bring his expertise to this topic. 

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