This week’s announcement of the new Michelin stars across the UK and Ireland has not only spread much-needed positivity throughout the hospitality industry but has us all longing for the day we can go out and eat great food in great restaurants with colleagues, friends, and family.  

But until that day comes, we have collated the best lockdown foodie favs according to the Mongoose team. 

The Ultimate Snack:

Chris O’Donoghue has let us in on his ultimate lockdown snack… Are you ready? The Mongoose CEO snacks on Birdseye potato waffles topped with grated cheddar cheese with a side of Heinz tomato ketchup. Surprised? So were we! However, he assures us you can’t go wrong with this one, so don’t forget to add potato waffles to your list next time you pop to the shops. 

Simple but Scrumptious:

According to Senior Account Manager, Becky Bairstow baked fish with a soy chilli and garlic dressing is the way to go when it comes to a lockdown dinner. Add some steamed veg to this and you’ve got a healthy but yummy meal; what more could you want?

In keeping with the ‘Michelin’ theme, Becky’s brother, England cricketer Jonny Bairstow actually filmed a cooking show during the first lockdown with some of Gordon Ramsey’s chef’s, one of who worked at the Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray. 

Our second simple but scrumptious dinner comes from Account Executive, Esmée Hall who says that if you don’t already follow Mob Kitchen on Instagram, you should go and do it ASAP! You will find some unbelievable food inspo, including their Halloumi Peanut Curry recipe which she happened across when searching for a delicious veggie meal (in her attempt to eat slightly less meat). The recipe has also been given a massive thumbs-up by her five housemates. 

Start from Scratch:

Our resident Sponsorship Strategy Manager, Harvey Taylor has not taken the easy route when it comes to food during lockdown. He has not only discovered a newfound love of pasta-making but discovered that a great way to dry your uncooked pasta is to hang it from your clothes drying rack… Who knew?! Apparently, Harvey’s favourite pasta dish is currently inspired by Nigella Lawson’s chicken with lemon and orzo recipe; he says that with “a few tweaks” this can be really tasty! Second to that comes the BBC Good Food smoky cod, broccoli and orzo bake which he would also highly recommend.  

For more meals inspired by chefs, Senior Account Director, Kirstyn MacRandal recommends taking a look at the 50Best Home Comforts recipe book which they launched in July 2020 with all proceeds going to their Recovery Fund. The recipes come from chefs that recently featured on The Worlds 50 Best Restaurant’s list but it is more than possible for amateur cooks to make them. 

Flavourful Food Boxes:

Food boxes have been an absolute winner because they let you avoid supermarket queues, and they provide the inspiration you need to ensure mealtimes aren’t a flop; the Mongoose team have tried just about every food box delivery service under the sun! 

First up, we have Account Manager, Will Moore who said that after years of deliberating, last week he finally caved and ordered his first ever Hello Fresh box which he described as “life changing” due to the fact that his pallet is pretty limited to fajitas and spag bol. So, to suddenly have a variety of delicious grub in the fridge feels like a treat! 

Senior Account Executive, Harriet Cooper, on the other hand, stands by Oddbox as they’re sustainable and encourage you to try new things when they arrive through the door! Not only that but it will save you from the dreaded decision-making process of what to make for dinner when the monotonous lockdown life has sapped you of all inspiration. 

From the commercial team, Harvey swears by the exotic feasts and colourful kits that come from The Spicery, whereas Business Development Director, Will Dineen says he has been extremely impressed with the variety and quality of Gousto’s recipe boxes.   

Next, our Comms Director Lucy swears she can’t live without MindfulChef food boxes as they are one of the only food boxes that do single portions! On top of that, the meals are really diverse and super healthy (even though they don’t always seem it!!!) and are loved by celebs like Tom Daley and Amy Fuller. Plus, at a time when food banks are bursting at the seams, Mindful chef work to feed children that are in need; so, you are supporting a business that is contributing to combat child hunger across the UK. 

Lastly, Lucy also recommends Dishpatch- this is restaurant food, prepared by chefs, delivered to your door! It simply needs heating up and presenting in a professional manner (made easier by the step-by-step instructions). This is perfect for when you want more than a takeaway or to celebrate a special occasion, but they are also great value for money. Dishpatch includes menus from a variety of London’s top restaurants including Angela Hartnett’s Michelin starred Cafe Murano. 

If like all of us you are all missing your favourite restaurants Gousto have launched their ‘Cookstarter’ campaign which is supporting all of Britain’s independent restaurants. Click on the link https://www.goustocookstarter.co.uk/and you can nominate your favourite restaurant, giving them a chance of receiving some much-needed support in 2021.

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