New Goose Alert!

Amy Rowe joins Mongoose as our Head of Digital and Social, find out all about her below!

Why did you want to work for Mongoose? 

For someone obsessed with online and social content and communities, sport is an incredible field to work in. Mongoose has a very talented team who know their stuff, with a GSOH too. So it's a healthy mix there of compelling opportunities, and a great culture. 

Tell us a bit more about you, where you have come from and what you studied? 

I started life as a journalist, writing anything from WWII right through to facilities management. That evolved into managing websites, social platforms and video - way before Twitter was a thing (showing my maturity here). Then the entire thing snowballed into the full marketing mix and working agency-side.

I was meant to be an actress so the main takeaway here is - you never know where the rich tapestry of life is going to take you.

Where do you consume your news? 

I'm obsessed with Twitter. Even under Musk. I'm also quite into R4 and the Sunday papers. For anything extra it's podcasts. I'm a slight politics junkie so am enjoying The Rest is Politics with Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Running through boggy fields and complaining about the weather. Occasionally signing up for the odd half marathon and later running it with deep regret.

Favourite sport and team? 

I've inherited a begrudging interest in Spurs.

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