New Year, New ‘goose!

With 2022 now in full swing, the Mongoose team are here to help you in making sustainable New Year’s resolutions… 

It’s a universal opinion that some New Year’s resolutions can be rather fruitless and futile, with an average of only 8% of people actually seeing them through and nearly 70% of people throwing in the towel before we even hit February! With this in mind, the team here at Mongoose have shared different approaches on how to ensure that 2022 can be the year of achievable goals rather than another year of more unused gym memberships and dust-gathering running gear! 

We’ve categorised the teams approaches into three key components to help everyone tackle 2022:

1 – Think about what a new year’s resolution means to you 

An approach that our team find useful is being introspective on the meaning of a New Year’s Resolution, and what it means to you as an individual. 

Head of Creative, Matt: “New Year is so tied up in the noise of other people's thinking that it can be hard to truly hear what your gut, heart or mind are asking for”. 

Finding out what empowers you as an individual and using that to face the year ahead has created game-changing results for our team.

Senior Account Manager Beki utilises the power of words; “I like to pick a word to focus on for each year rather than a specific resolution. This year I’m 4 months into a new job, 6 months married and about to move house, so the word is EXPLORE! This will hopefully encourage me to focus on exploring the opportunities that this next chapter offers and discovering new adventures throughout the year”. 

2 – Give yourself both short and long-term goals 

Another tool that the Mongoose team found useful was making sure their resolutions can be incorporated into their day-to-day lives but ultimately contribute to an end goal. No matter how big or small, there is nothing like regular progress that helps to keep you on track. 

Kirstyn, our Head of Integrated Campaigns resolution is to touch her toes everyday to improve her flexibility, and Amelie, our Head of PR’s resolution is to do 5 workouts a week in order to work towards a 10k race later in the year. 

3 – Be specific about what you want to achieve  

Whether referring to a time or place, having a specific goal always helps you to stay on track and keep focused when your motivation may be wavering.

Senior Account Manager Harriet, is aiming to run a marathon PB this autumn, so is focusing on the resolutions that will get her there. Our Sponsorship Account Director Harvey Taylor is being more specific with his timing, and is aiming to improve his fitness for his 30th birthday this year.

Mongoose are always looking for new ways to approach and tackle our challenges, and this includes ensuring we do not fall into that 8% this year. Stay tuned to see how we get on. Happy New Year!

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