One Year of Lockdown: The Challenges, The Loves, The Learnings

It’s been over a year since we packed up and started working from home and what a journey it’s been for the team. There have been a lot of highs, lows and a series of personal and professional obstacles to overcome

Below we’ve decided to highlight some of our achievements over the past 12 months as well as what we’ve learnt and loved.

Jack Granard – Account Executive

Jack completed the 2.6 challenge, walking a whopping 26,000 steps to help raise money for our charity partner, My Name'5 Doddie Foundation, who raise funds to aid research into the causes of Motor Neuron Disease and investigate potential cures.

Jack 1.pngJack 2.png

Matt Hocken – Senior Account Director

“I appreciate the slower pace of my personal life. More time to stop and appreciate the little things around me. Lockdown activities included learning to bake, growing plants, made homemade toiletries and built a bike… which I haven’t ridden yet”

Matt 1.pngMatt 2.png

Chris O’Donoghue – CEO

“Through difficult times make sure you have a ‘realistically positive’ mindset and that will guide you to a good place.”

Smashing the leaderboard for 5 and 10km routes, Chris has stepped up his game, he’s also joined the Digme community, which he can’t get enough of.


Katie Swan – Head of Digital

Katie had the best news of 2020 by far; she announced she was pregnant with her second child!

We can’t wait to meet baby Mantis!


Will Moore – Account Manager

“I turned 30 years of age, where did the time go? I’ve learnt that I need to look after myself more and working from home has given me and others a fantastic work life balance. Like most I’m just looking forward to having an active social life again – football, boxing, holidays, concerts, beers, come at me.”


Kirstyn MacRandal – Senior Account Director

“I completed my MA Leadership in Sport with the Institute of Sports Humanities at @uniofbuckingham which I’m super proud of!

“What’s been awesome is ending each day running on the beach
along the coast of Ireland when #WorkingFromHome.

“I’ve learnt with a positive attitude it’s possible to get through unprecedented times still smiling”

Kirst 1.pngKirst 2.jpg

Harvey Taylor – Sponsorship Strategy Manager

The smoothest man in the office made his dearest partner the luckiest woman in the world, after proposing over the Valentines day weekend, what a guy.

“As for what I’ve learnt, it’s to not live at such a fast pace – enjoy downtime, go for walks (with Will), make the most of time spent at home and with loved ones. Like us all, I can’t wait to make the most of restrictions being lifted but I think there are lessons to be carried forward in terms of how we spend our precious free time.”


Amelie Hawkins – Senior Account Director

“I’ve loved spending more time with my boy. He has gone from baby to toddler in the year we have been in lockdown and I have been able to be there for most of it. It’s been hard at times but I know it’s time I wouldn’t get again. 

“I have also made time for me, run many miles and started playing tennis again something I haven’t done in 10 years. My 74-year-old Dad beats me every time, but I now win 3 or 4 games a set which is much improved!”


Becky Bairstow – Senior Account Manager

Becks temporarily moved back home to Yorkshire and got a new housemate, Henry!
Henry has been a regular feature on team meetings, sticking his face in the camera, snoring in the background, or barking incessantly which can only mean he doesn’t like one of our ideas.


Harriet Cooper – Senior Account Executive

The biggest adventurer of the team hasn’t disappointed over the lockdown. Hazza recently took on a serious challenge cycling from Leeds to Glasgow and also climbed a couple of mountains, as one does.


Esmee Hall – Account Executive

“My highlight from this past year is my Dad getting his MBE, for his economic contributions to Northern Ireland. An amazing inspiration.”

Esmee had a rather interesting first day as by 5:30pm we were all told to start working from home!

 “Something I’ve learned is that life will put obstacles in your way, and it may change the path you were on, but it will lead you to something better. And of course, I have learned to appreciate time spent with friends and family.”


Oli Argles – Senior Commercial Manager

Another one of the commercial team, Oli plucked up the courage and got engaged to his wonderful partner. Here’s a snap of the power couple below.


Henry Owen – Senior Commercial Manager

You better have scrolled to the bottom of this blog because here’s the man, the myth, the legend, Henners.

“As a team we took part in the Movember challenge this year and grew a series of terrific Moustaches. It’s a cause close to my heart and I took it upon myself to raise money by dressing up as a giant turkey and ran 20+ miles around London. Fantastic experienced and a massive thank you to everyone who donated, in total raising £1600, which I’m immensely proud of.”


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