Sponsorship report: Leveraging Immersive Digital to Drive New Sports Revenue Streams


Whilst there is no doubt that COVID-19 will continue to haunt live sporting events into 2021, threatening reduced engagement and enjoyment of fans and even the future of some sports organisations, there is a real opportunity to innovate and reimagine the fan/club relationship as well as sponsorship activation. 

Download our new sponsorship report: 'Leveraging Immersive Digital to Drive New Sports Revenue Streams' to find out how to use data to appeal to fans, how to personalise and curate content for targeted promotions as well as enhance athlete/player engagement with fans.

In this series, we will show the importance of focusing on unlocking the power of technologies to build a two-way relationship with fans and drive revenue; digital channels, streaming platforms, content and AR and VR solutions, even artificial intelligence, all employed to connect the digital with the physical whilst placing the fan experience at the very heart.

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