Sport is back, but what will change?


At last, sport is back. Normality is creeping back into our lives, and the team cannot wait to get stuck in. However, with home workout platforms becoming the new norm, it will be interesting to see how many people will change their fitness routines in a post pandemic world.

Check out what some of the team had to say about their plans:

Harriet Cooper – Senior Account Executive

I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility of working out at home and how I can fit it around my schedule. I’ve been running and cycling much longer distances and hope to keep this going as long as possible. I do however really miss swimming and can’t wait to get back to the lido this month, it’s the most meditative sport out there! The thing I’ve missed the most over the last year however is exercising with people. Whether that’s weekly sessions in the park with Never Stop London, or in the best London studios like Digme Fitness. There’s nothing like being motivated by an epic instructor, with great music and a 10/10 vibe.

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Esmée Hall – Account Executive

I’ll not be renewing a gym membership once everything opens up as I’m loving writing up my own tailored home workouts. Walking will continue to be my only form of cardio, apart from when I can squeeze in some summer water sports!

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Harvey Taylor – Sponsorship Strategy Manager

Whilst I can’t wait for gyms to re-open, what I’m most excited about is being able to work out with friends again and also to get back in pool – there’s nothing quite like the 10-degree chill at Brockwell Lido!

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Chris O’Donoghue – CEO

There certainly won’t be as much tennis as pre pandemic since I discovered Digme at Home’s spinning classes. Totally addicted to the community based, on-demand and live fitness classes hosted daily.  

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Laura Owen – COO

I have cancelled my gym membership and will not be returning to the gym. Home workouts and park sessions are for me now – They are far more convenient, time efficient and significantly cheaper so I will continue to embrace these. Now that the outdoor pools are open though I will also be making use of the Lido as much as possible.

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Will Moore – Account Manager

I never thought I’d be committed to home workouts because I didn’t feel they’d have enough impact…. After one beginners Joe Wicks class I quickly found out this wasn’t the case, the guy has killed me over the last four months. I love the variation of classes and I’ve never felt fitter.
I had my first football training session this week with my team and it was incredible to be back with the lads, and we’re all buzzing for the new look season to restart on the weekend.
Moving forward I doubt I’ll return to the gym unless one ends up on my doorstep.

WM 1.jpg

Sophie Nelson – Account Manager

After getting lost in the woods and consequently completely an accidental half marathon, it’s safe to say I’m fed up with running and so it felt amazing to be back on the tennis court this week. Although my cat Rufus will be disappointed, I won’t be spending as much time with him, it feels incredible to be able to play again, albeit with my Dad, who I’m much better than. Lol, sorry Dad.

SN 1.jpg

Amelie Hawkins – Senior Account Director

I am excited to be going back to the gym with my personal trainer and my sister-in-law, as we have been training outdoors for almost the entire year come rain, shine or snow! I will also be doing some Digme At Home Classes, some Joe Wickes and getting in my weekend runs. It’s all about variety for me, I don’t like to be tied to the same thing, I create my own circuits and have weights and equipment at home, but I also love to train with people and be motivated by an instructor who will always push you further!

AH 1.jpgAH 2.jpg

It certainly seems that flexibility and variety will continue to be a theme amongst a lot of our team and perhaps this is a reflection of how the fitness industry will evolve post Covid-19. It will be interesting to see how the traditional gym set up will adapt over the coming months, having had to create online platforms for their members over this past year and people’s working commitments continuing to have a flexible format, this could mark a big change in the industry and a transformation of the traditional gym membership.

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