Time to Talk Day: How to Stay Motivated After the January Blues

Talking about your mental health isn’t always easy, but it is important to look after your mental wellbeing every day of the year.

February 2nd marks Time to Talk Day, run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and was created to inspire people into making space in their day for a conversation about mental health.

With 2023 in full swing, it can sometimes be hard to find motivation after January. We asked our ‘Geese to share they find motivation after the January blues. 

Group Business Development Director Will Dineen ensures the goals he sets are achievable, rather than setting ones that involve drastic changes as that can often mean you fall at the first hurdle.

CEO Chris O’Donoghue is also setting himself goals this year, by cutting out chips. He says he would eat them with nearly every meal, so has cut them out and is already feeling better – although he’s still allowing himself pasta, spuds and bread!

Account Executive Chris Zah likes to list the reasons why he is setting his goals, so he can go back and remind himself why he’s doing it, if he finds himself wavering. He also finds short term targets help him get through, giving him a feeling of accomplishment throughout the year.

Matt Hocken, Head of Creative echoes this and likes to instead focus on enjoying the everyday by baking, painting, writing and letting time linger, knowing it will speed up as the sun comes out again.

A number of the Mongoose team have revolved their goals around exercise and are trying to use that to motivate themselves.

Group Business Development Director Oli Argles is trying to exercise at least four times a week to help keep his mind fresh and any excess weight off, with exercise being his key to a positive mental attitude.

Ben Davies, Senior Account Manager, likes to get outdoors, stressing there is nothing better than fresh air. Whether you go for a walk, run or ride, raising your heart rate is an instant fix. 

Account Director Becky Bairstow equally believes that stepping away from your laptop and getting fresh air always helps.

Campaign Manager Parv Nar isn’t using the cold weather as an excuse and instead is going on the treadmill more – shorter distances but at a higher speed.

Josh Barkanyi, Account Manager sets himself achievable goals where he could monitor his progress when he first started running and very quickly saw his times improving, helping him run further and stay motivated. He also plans things to look forward to, whether that is booking flights abroad for a weekend break, a music event or just booking his favourite restaurant.

This is something Account Manager Alix Ostyn, Amy Rowe Head of Digital and Social and Communications Managing Director Lucy I’Anson all echo. Lucy suggests filling your calendar with social events and holidays is the way to go. Alix believes planning trips gives you something to look forward too as well, while Amy believes booking a holiday, several if possible, can help keep that motivation going.

There is no right or wrong way to stay motivated after January, but it is important for both your physical and mental health, to find a way to achieve your goals.

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