We all like to think that we when we make decisions, that they come from a thought through, rational place...the car we buy, the friends we choose, the places we go, the experiences we enjoy. But most of the choices we make are unconscious, in fact, up to 90% of our decision-making. In the words of (Susan Weinschenk, Behavioural Psychologist):

"We often like to think that we're like Mr Spock in Star Trek; very rational and logical. But we are not. And, if you want to really reach people, if you want to communicate to them, if you want to persuade them, you need to figure out how to talk to the unconscious part of their mind."

So, it turns out we are channelling more of our inner Homer Simpson than Mr Spock.

Knowing this; knowing that humans communicate and make decisions unconsciously, the key is to go beyond what traditional research and insight uncover; the 10-20% of behaviour you can see, to reveal the 80% you cannot. Focusing on what is hidden, but what is none the less critical in understanding the ‘whys’ of your customers, and connecting on a deeper, more emotional level that has uses beyond that of recruitment and diversity and inclusivity agendas.

So, why is this important to fan engagement?

Fans are ever increasing and are no longer limited to the experiences inside a stadium. For a club, it is essential to offer the fan a great package as they are the essence behind its existence, driving revenue through media income, ticket sales, sponsoring and merchandising. Truly understanding audience priorities is critical when tailoring the engagement approach as part of an insight-driven decision-making process, connecting on a deeper, subconscious level, therefore revealing what really works to deliver authentic fan engagement and experiences. In addition, clubs are coming under increased pressure to provide sponsors with this understanding of their fans through actionable insights. Who are they? What are their real needs? What do they really want? How are they engaging with the club? What is the demonstrable impact of campaigns?

Simplifying the approach for increased competitive advantage. Uncovering the true motivational needs of your audience and their actual behaviour will assist organisations to simplify their communication models and identify what works and equally as important, what doesn't, saving time, money, and effort. The result, more personalised and persuasive communications, better optimised partnerships, increasingly effective ambassador programmes and more engaging activation, creating new opportunities for consumers and fans to engage with your brand.

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