Yes, you heard right. We’re moving. The band are getting together - Mongoose Group; featuring Mongoose Sport & Entertainment, Populate Social and Influence Sports & Media can now be found under one, new, shiny roof at The Manufactory on Tottenham Court Rd.

That means each individual agency will have a specialist, adaptable space to meet, host (you’re welcome anytime) and work. More importantly we’ve created a space where our staff want to be, but don’t have to be. Where people from different agencies, specialisms and backgrounds can collide. New conversations, new connections, and new ideas.

The last few years has changed the way many of us work, we’re more flexible, our homes are extensions of the office and that has meant our staff also work from across the UK. We listened. Streamlining our space, adding more meeting rooms, and creating a place where no matter how many of your teammates are out and about, there’ll always be someone to see.

Mongoose and Influence will both call The Manufactory home, whilst The Pride of Wales *Populate Social will remain at their headquarters in Cardiff, but now have a secondary space and a base in Central London. Our international colleagues Alive also have a space to utilise whenever the need arises.

The hard part is already done, boxes packed and unpacked, sweat (no tears or blood) and IT just about surviving. We’re ready for stage two, welcoming staff, clients, partners and any one curious enough to want to come have a look.

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Got a question, enquiry or fancy joining Team Mongoose? We’re always looking for new additions to the Mongoose burrow. Are you a hungry & motivated sales person or passionate & energetic activation specialist? We’d love to hear from you.

Tel: 0208 629 5000