Inspiring new communities and breaking down barriers for Unicorn Darts

How Mongoose leveraged key influencers to bring the love of darts to everyone

Darts. For a long time, that word would conjure up images of smoky pub scenes, and a sport that, in the UK at least, suffered a decline in TV coverage by the 1990s.

Since then, there have been major inroads made by the darts community to break down barriers in the sport, introducing it to a wider community of potential players.

Last year, Mongoose worked with pioneering smart dartboard producer Unicorn Darts to launch a groundbreaking campaign For Every Player, targeting novice players and encouraging a love of a game that can truly be played anywhere.

Leveraging lifestyle influencers to reach new audiences for Unicorn Darts

Mongoose developed a creative content campaign featuring both Unicorn professional ambassadors as well as a select team of lifestyle influencers. The content sought to not only promote Unicorn’s expertise within the darts industry but also promote the fun and social side of the sport. 

The central pillar of the content campaign was a four-part ‘For Every Player’ series in which we characterised four leading influencers including radio presenter, Chris Stark and signer songwriter, Chelcee Grimes, documenting their foray into the world of darts. 

Supported by a targeted digital advertising and influencer cross promotion campaign to create appeal amongst a wider audience. 

Mongoose managed all aspects of campaign development, content design and creation, through to promotion across PR and digital channels. Key results were:

Exceeded all KPIs with a total of 735k impressions and 588k plays of video content. 

Higher than average engagement rate with 12% across all influencer lead content. 

Boosted a click through rate of 3.4% to Unicorn Darts owned channels 

4.6m opportunities to see through PR coverage

Expanding Unicorn Dart’s reach with retargeting social media campaign

Following the success of the For Every Player campaign, we sought to repurpose video content for product ads and retarget Meta audiences already warmed up in the first campaign. Our retargeting campaign was set to roll out across the same time as the PDC World Championships, in a plan to capitalise on the interest already generated around darts.

In total, we managed to drive 1,544,504 impressions, 33,255 clicks to product landing pages. We enjoyed an overall CTR of 2.15%. The Meta standardised benchmark usually sees a click through rate of 0.90% (at the time of the campaign). 

One of the key benefits of the retargeting campaign, other than driving new leads for Unicorn, was the ability to gather insights on highly engaged audience groups for the brand, for its future marketing campaigns.

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