Virgin Active Rugby Partnership


Mongoose were tasked with creating content with England rugby players to highlight Virgin Active’s four pillars of fitness: strength, stability, stamina and soul.

Using the brand's assets at Twickenham to engage Virgin Active members and heighten brand awareness by showcasing Virgin Active’s fitness class offering using England rugby partnership.


Created a series of free Virgin Active grid classes on National Fitness day at Twickenham Stadium. 

Developed a content strategy for whole RFU partnership highlighting mental and physical health benefits – Strength, Soul, Stamina, Stability

Utilised England men’s and women’s players in non-rugby content to showcase Virgin Active’s partnership with the RFU.


A mental and physical health content series on Instagram was released around RWC2019 with England players.

A pitch day at Twickenham was held where 150 people took part in Virgin Active grid classes.

We also held a corporate strength and conditioning class at Twickenham with anEngland 7s coach.

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