Challenge: Diabetes UK was hopeful of developing meaningful brand partnerships to ultimately enhance the reach and impact of their Helpline and online services – the frontline supporting hundreds of people each day through their experience living with and being affected by diabetes. As such, Mongoose was asked to assess the core offering and commercial value before ultimately taking the property to market.

Solution: We delivered an organizational review and asset audit, both for Diabetes UK and its Helpline specifically. Following in depth analysis of the existing and target audience, Mongoose delivered a competitor benchmarking exercise that enabled us to identify ancillary assets and activation opportunities that enhanced the overall commercial offering for prospective partners. We went on to produce a detailed valuation of all assets (tangible & intangible) and recommend a tiered partnership structure that guaranteed the necessary levels of ownership and exposure for new partners. This work was complemented with a defined sales narrative and insight-led brand and sector targeting which the Mongoose Sales team incorporated in all go to market materials during brand engagement.

Results: Within one month of taking this new partnership opportunity to market, Mongoose secured a long-term VIK partner for Diabetes UK – Clarasys (Professional Services) – whose agreement is centred around the provision of digital transformation and data governance support. We are currently in negotiation with multiple commercial partners for the Diabetes UK Helpline property and look forward to securing a new headline partner.

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