A huge responsibility with global significance, we launched the last two years’ New Balance England cricket kits. Capitalising on the brand heat within the category the aim was to drive cricket forwards inspiring a younger, more dynamic audience, away from the traditional English cricket stereotypes.

Insight: As sport cricket spectatorship was gaining popularity and was beginning to attract a ‘summer social’ demographic, underpinned by an increase in the player’s profiles. Times were changing. Cricket was becoming cooler.

Solution: Our Make Your Mark campaign is a real call to arms for spectators to get involved with cricket. It challenges a younger audience to be inspired by their heroes and make their own mark in life. In 2018 we took the game of cricket to the streets by staging a huge urban cricket match in the middle of a gritty London housing estate, with the England players centre stage, working seamlessly with New Balance’s philosophy of ‘striving to be yourself and to be unique’. It perfectly captured the thought that sport is all about moments and taking your chance when it comes, all done under the secret of a full kit embargo and working around the nuances of players’ sponsorship deals. Shots and footage were used to reach the audience at every touchpoint, from in store POS, social and digital, to urban wall cricket events. 2019 saw Make your Mark go even further. With both the World Cup and the Ashes taking place, there was ample opportunity for players and fans to Make their Mark and make history. Our latest kit launch film, ‘Now it’s our turn’, acted as a rally call to the same audience, but also celebrated English cricket’s proud history.


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  • Reach of 22,116,880
  • 73 pieces of coverage with a total circulation of 166,663,908

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