As a new London Marathon sponsor New Balance wanted to support an activation that challenged the norm and would stand out in the crowded market to engage with the broad variety of people inspired.

Insight: The London Marathon experience is one of philanthropy, unity, and camaraderie. Training for the London Marathon is not easy. That's why runners in London love to finish their training with a cold pint.

Solution: A fully integrated activation that would appeal to the New Balance audience for whom running, and exercise is part of their lifestyle not their entire life. ‘The Runaway Pub’ – a traditional English pub to encourage the social side of running, but with state-of-the-art gym and fitness event space hidden behind a secret entrance, and the only currency accepted was miles run. In partnership with the Strava app, as the runner progressed, the card filled up with miles that turned into currency, scanned on site for ice cold pints.


  • Over 400,000 through the door in 120 days
  • Each Strava challenge saw between 3K and 8K participants
  • 23,110 cards added to mobile wallets 532,961 miles run and 62,672 pints earned
  • Brand uplift of 8% Product sales uplift of 8%
  • PR coverage reached: 42,206,605 people in 10 markets

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