When working with influencers it really need to drive value and recognition for your brand. For us when we build influencer programmes for our clients, we aren’t just looking at reach and engagement, but we are building a culture and a community. A person’s profile, ethos and attitude have a huge influence on who we work with for our clients.

We are constantly on the look out for new talent for our brands and have a database of influencers which is constantly reviewed and updated and spans all areas of our business from sports and lifestyle to fashion, tech, wellness and many more.

Mongoose has a dedicated team of people who are constantly talking to influencers and talent to understand what projects they have on, their ambitions and who they are working with so that when it comes to planning for our clients, we have the right talent at our fingertips. Our brands are at the heart of any influencer strategy we create, and we ensure that the relationships we create between talent and brands is authentic and rewarding for both parties.

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